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Small table, bubinga & curly maple

Craftsman style end table in walnut and maple burl

Gong stand in cherry & bloodwood

Cutting board in maple & Br. cherry

Welcome to my studio, gallery and home located in this 1907 former Masonic Temple building in historic Kerby, Oregon. 

Hi, I'm Jerry Work

Here I design and hand craft fine furniture, turnings and useful items for the home made from the finest domestic hardwoods and burls sourced locally, and from certified plantation grown exotic woods from around the world.  

I build pieces for my own enjoyment, for family members and friends, on commission and for display in the gallery along side many items of historic interest from in and around Southern Oregon.  

Things in the gallery change regularly as existing pieces find new homes and new pieces are added.  If you see something either in the Gallery Tour or while browsing the Portfolio that you like, use the Contact Form to let me know and I will email pictures and prices for that specific item if it is still available, or others similar to it that are currently available.

Most of the furniture pieces are finished with an environmentally benign water based industrial finish applied with high volume, low pressure spray equipment that leaves a satin soft finish impervious to water and most household chemicals.  The owners love the beauty and ease of care!  The wood stays its natural color, not ambered as it is when people lather on some kind of oil concoction.  I never use dyes or colorants in my work and want the natural beauty of the woods to speak for themselves.  The turnings and cutting boards are finished with food safe mineral oil, carnuba and bees waxes so they can be used every day, rinsed off with water, and yet can be easily renewed to their original luster whenever you wish.

The Studio Tour is a fun way to see how and where I design and craft these creations.  You will find that I am serious about dust collection and keeping things neat and tidy.  I build to tolerances more common to machining metal than to woodworking and can't do that The building as it is today fully restored and remodeled(or breathe easily) working in a mess.

The How To... section provides links to a number of booklets commissioned by Festool USA on how to get the most from their superb line of power hand tools, a detailed booklet commissioned by Target Coatings on how to select and apply water based finishes using high volume, low pressure spray equipment, and a booklet commissioned by ProTool on how to get the most from their WorkSharp tool sharpening system.  There also are discussions of a number of other woodworking topics like the use of Rose engines for ornamenting, etc.

In Business topics there are discussions of what it takes to make a good living doing what you love to do and a number of tutorials on how to properly photograph your work.  You can also download a presentation I developed on how to use the arts and crafts as an economic development engine for your region based on a study my wife and I did of how it was done so successfully in the Appalachian region.

This Old Building covers topics pertinent to restoring and remodeling old, alternate use buildings into wonderful combined live/work spaces.  It is great to be able to commute to ones studio by walking down the stairs!The building as it looked in 1907 as depicted in one of my earlier logos

GMC Motorcoach covers the restoration and use of these classic 1970's front wheel drive motorcoaches that to this day surpass in many ways any other RV of its type.

Come on in and look around.  Enjoy!